Photo of the Moment - 17 June 2008

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I thought I'd put up a few more images to follow up on Jim's beautiful pictures from Susana's visit to Seattle. Jean was wondering what lens he used to get the picture of the deer and here you can see the moment! The deer on top of Hurricane Ridge are pretty comfortable with humans and as long as you stand very quietly, they get astonishingly close. At this particular time, Jim had given up taking pictures because the deer was too close for him to focus on with the 300mm! Of course, he wasn't the only one taking pictures of the deer, as you can see below.

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Since I am the official photographer of the photographers, you can also see Susana above in the process of acquiring one of her trademark images - the uniquely American signage. Her family back in Portugal will be greatly entertained by the 'don't feed the animal signs' here in the U.S. Of course, the proximity of these mule deer makes it pretty clear why they don't want to encourage them to come looking for lunch.

Last, but not least, you can see Jim stalking the mating Blue Grouse though the tundra of Hurricane Ridge in search of the perfect pictures. If you haven't already seen, his final picture came out great!