Photo of the Moment - 07 April 2009

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You've probably looked at Jim's last two pages about our latest sailing adventures. We had an exciting, lab-inspired sail to the meeting at Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands and then we went sailing for my birthday with the Mountaineers on Rich's boat, Avalon (in addition to a lovely night out in the big city including a fancy dinner with flowers on the table followed by the Merchent of Venice - HUGE brownie points for Jim!). If you haven't already seen his sailing pages check them out. All this is by way of saying, we've been busy lately and I'm behind on pictures! So, in honor of the opening day of baseball season (which Jim tells me was yesterday) I'm giving you a blast from the past. Here we are enjoying the Cubs during out last spring in Chicago, back in the day 2006.

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Above: Our view of Wrigley field, where every game is sold out no matter how badly the Cubs are doing.


Left and Right : CUBS WIN! (We have to enjoy everything we can).






Below: A picture of my favorite, wicked handsome Cubs fan having a good day!

Above: Full on Cubs-Fan Mode!

Below: recognize this pensive fan?