Photo of the Moment - 24 February 2009

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Here are a few more pictures from our snowshoeing trip to Ranier. You can see some of Jim's beautiful photos here and enjoy some of the sillier ones that I took on this page! As you can see, Jim has pretty good balance in his snow shoes. I did get him to stand still and smile (see below) so it was a sucessful trip.

Another thing I really enjoyed on this little hike was the behavior of the gray jays. These little guys are crazy bold and will apparently, perch anywhere if a free lunch is available. We stopped for lunch out by Reflection lake and discovered that they appear to like turkey sanwhich and cheese equally. The sequence below is Jim sharing his lunch with the birds.
Last, but not least, is a picture of Jim on the hike back. The trail is at the top of a steep slope, hence the avalanche warning sign. Not to worry, it was a low risk day, with the snow packed down and re-frozen solid. I'm still not all that used to considering avalanche potential - it didn't happen a lot in Chicago!

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