Photo of the Moment - 03 January 2009

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As promised, here is what happened during our freezing cold week in Seattle. After a peaceful evening watching the snow fall over lake union, we woke up to the sound of running water. A quick look out of the back window confirmed that water was running out from burst pipe under the dock. There went Jim's Sunday plans. As you can tell from above, they had to take several planks off the dock to get to the water pipes. Above, Jim is in mid-repair.

Below and left is Matt trying to isolate the leak. Isolating the crack in the water line required lots of running back and forth between the tower where water and power come in and shutting off the main water via this handily accesible valve Jim is after in the picture below and right.

I'm happy to report that I took most of my pictures of Jim and our neighbor Matt from inside where it was toasty warm and dry.

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