Photo of the Moment - 02 July 2009

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I just finished a too-quick visit to New England. After a meeting in Boston, Arminda and I headed downeast to do some visiting. En route to Bar Harbor, we stopped to check in with Jim and Karen in NH. After getting over the initial shock of the golden retriever wave - Arminda was right at home with the puppies. We left them just long enough to get to Shorty's for some espinaca and margaritas, then back home to make sure those poor, lonely puppies finally got some attention!

Arminda got both Pilot and Rio to sit still for at least a few minutes. As you can see below, they wouldn't let her get far away! She only agreed to leave them because she couldn't figure out how to fit a puppy in her carry-on suitcase for the flight home.

And finally, below is a picture Jim 2 snapped of me taking care of Pilot's head scratching needs. I was on the phone with Jim 3 at the time, trying to reassure him that the dogs were getting enough attention. I'm not sure it's ever enough! It was a quick stop in NH, but a great one!

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