Photo of the Moment - 24 June 2009

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Just a few weekends ago, Jim did his first century bike ride - 100 miles!! - at Flying Wheels, a gigantic biking event sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club. It sounds like a crazy lot of biking to me - fortunately, we have friends as crazy as Jim! Below is a picture of Jim and Arminda at the finish of the century. They both look amazingly happy for just having suffered through 100 miles of biking up and down ridiculous hills. This was sort of a training ride for the big one coming up next month, STP. The Seattle to Portland (Oregon, not Maine, for all you east-coasters!) is 200 miles more or less straight south from Seattle. The ride is split over two days and I'm the official support crew so look forward to more pictures of the event. One last note - this picture finally made it clear to both Arminda and myself why Jim kept saying he couldn't draft of her while biking. I'm afraid Arminda just doesn't make a big enough wind shadow for Jim to hide in!

A few more pictures below - Jim and Arminda approaching the finish line. They both spotted me a different times, so there are two celebratory pictures. And last, but not least - another rider in Flying Wheels was my boss Dave. He rode with another friend so came in separately from Jim and Arminda.


Jim and Arminda: still flying at mile 99!

At right: Dave spots us at the finish line.


Oh - one more picture. I wasn't sitting at the finish line out of the goodness of my heart! While Jim, Arminda and Dave did the big ride, Bess (Dave's wife) and I did the much more reasonable and enjoyable 25 mile ride. So, here we are too. At this rate of biking, I'm going to have to break down and get one of those fancy jerseys so I can blend in with the crowd better!

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