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Heather's Photo of the Month? - 26 April 2007

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Well, I've downgraded this page to my picture of the Month. So much for all my good intentions! Despite all that, we are alive and well in Wisconsin and I present you with these pictures of Jim in action in the kitchen. He's definitely been hard at work trying new and amazing tasting recipes (just ask me about his outstanding popovers - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!)

Anyway, in honor of a friend coming over for dinner Jim made a foray into Indian cheese-making, specifically paneer for use in mutter paneer. It's a pretty mild, soft cheese that you can make at home without too many ingredients. Just be careful boiling all that milk! Above, Jim is checking out the compression of the cheese after it has been curdled and strained through cheese cloth. Yes, that is a really heavy and full pan of water sitting on the cheese. If you use your imagination, you can imagine the excitement we had when it inevitably tipped over. Happily, everything ended well and the picture below is of Jim, slicing up his first (and very excellent) batch of paneer.