Photo of the Moment - 29 Aug 2007

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August has just flown by, with both Jim and I traveling a lot. So, that's my excuse for not having posted new pictures in such a long time! Anyway, to start the process of catching up, here are a couple pictures of Jim and I settling into life in Seattle.

We went to see the Mariner's play baseball at Safeco Field downtown while we were both around for a few days. The first thing I noticed which is different from going to Cub's games in Chicago, is that we were actually able to get tickets! We got great seats, right up in front near third base and really enjoyed the view. The beer and hot dog guys still run up and down the aisles, but so does the fresh-strawberries-covered-in-chocolate guy! On top of that, you could get sushi in the stadium - complete with the 'Ichiroll' named after one of the Mariner's star players, Ichiro. Getting home turned out to be a bit of a challenge since the entire city's public transporation system (ie, the busses) seems to come to a complete halt after each game. Well, we enjoyed the walk!

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