Photo of the Moment - 29 Nov 2007

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Our Thanksgiving tradition seems to be to go adventuring. This time we headed west (yes, it is possible!) to the Olympic Peninsula. I wimped out and decided to get a room at the bed and breakfast rather than camp in what was predicted to be cold and rainy weather. Of course, that reservation assured we would have beautiful weather. There are tons of pictures to put up but for my picture of the moment, I wanted to show you what we found on the Pacific beaches. Above is some kelp which had washed ashore. It looked like a whip to to Jim and me - so he tried it out!

Jim seemed to get the hang of the Indiana Jones weapon of choice pretty quickly. Just for the record, we looked up this exciting seaweed later and the official name is actually bullwhip kelp.








 I kept urging him on for the camera the gestures got a little bit more wild. Consequently, the faces got more interesting, too. These things can sting if you aim wrong!







Here is the dramatic conclusion to our experiment! Fortunately, there were no permanent injuries although my sides did ache a bit from getting such a good laugh. Overall we had a fantastic trip to a beautiful part of the world. Stay tuned for more pictures - rumor has it Jim is working on some of his (much more artistic) pictures as I type!

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