Jason flew out from New Hampshire the middle of last week, and I went hiking for a few days with him and his brother Jonny. We decided to head in to Goldmyer Hot Springs, and of course we decided not to take the easy way in. The main road in is closed due to a washed out bridge, so it's a bit of a trek in the main way, but we figured to go in the back way.

We headed up to Snow Lake, which true to its name was still pretty covered in ice. After passing Snow Lake, we dropped down into the valley on the other side, losing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2600 feet over a few miles of poorly maintained trail.

After getting in just before sunset, we set up camp, made dinner and had a quick soak in the hot spring. Friday we had a bit of a rest day. Jason and Jonny had a bit of a hike to try and scope out our potential trail out, while I lay around camp barely able to move. I did rally a couple times to make the 1/3 mile walk up to the hot spring to soak, but other than that, didn't do much, and had a nice relaxing day in the woods.
The original plan was to hike out over Red Pass, but we were all really sore and tired from the hike in still, so after much debate we decided that the best course of action would be to hike out the same way we'd some in. So it was 11 miles back out, with the 2600 feet elevation gain on the un-maintained trail up to snow lake, then 1100 feet of elevation loss back down to the car.

This picture on the left is actually of the trail. If you look closely you can just make out Jonny's pack on the right side. There were large stretches of trail that were completely overgrown like this.

Back at Snow Lake we stopped for lunch and a bit of a swim. And while you can see that the amount of ice in the lake is quite a bit less than it had been two days earlier, there was still ice in the lake, and the water was very cold. But it was a very hot day, so once you were out of the water, it felt great.

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Posted 7/26/2009

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