Back in August, Ember came to visit us for a few days. Friday, I had to work, so Heather toured her around the city. So by the time Saturday rolled around, it we decided to head a little further afield. We drove up to Deception Pass where we hiked around a little, then worked our way down Whidbey Island, stopping by Fort Casey State Park, then taking the ferry back to the mainland, where we rushed up into the mountains to try and get a view of Mt. Index before sunset, which we just managed to do, although it wasn't very photogenic. We did find some interesting rock stacking in the river, though.

Sunday we stuck a little closer to home. We stopped by Gasworks Park to check out the sundial, then headed over to Ballard, where we happened across a photoshoot on our way out to Shilshole, where we walked around the marina and watched the boats.

Then it was off to the Hiram H. Chittenden Locks, to watch all the boats trying to come back into Lake Union after having been out for the weekend. It was super busy, so they were using the big lock, which I had never seen before. With that many boats, it was also a very slow process.

After a late lunch, we decided to try and make it up to Snoqualmie Falls for sunset. We've been meaning to get up here before now, as it is only about half an hour from the city, it seems like we should have, but we've never made it. Even in mid summer when the flow is pretty low compared to earlier in the year. Plus it gets good late light, which you don't often find in waterfalls, as they're often in deep shadow late in the day. Definitely someplace we'll have to get back to.

As always, thanks for looking.




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