Since this years Chilly Hilly is rapidly approaching, is seems like time to put up a few images of last years. Chilly Hilly is a ride done every February around Bainbridge Island. Since it's on an island in the middle of Puget Sound, it starts and ends with a ferry ride. It is crazy to see this many bikes on a ferry. Usually on any given ferry there are a half dozen bikes or so. So seeing thousands of bikes is fairly surreal.

In most years a couple thousand people do this ride - 33 miles with a lot of hills in February. This time, it was a beautiful day, not raining and not all that cold, so about 6000 people showed up.

The ferry ride was beautiful, and the ride was nice, although hard. It's early enough in the year that no one has really been training, and there are quite a few hills, with one of them especially long, but it was warm and not raining, so that was fun. I even took my arm warmers off for a while.

I didn't get many images during the ride, as i was too busy biking, but i did stop at the top of one hill to get a shot of Heather.

At the end of the ride, there was quite a long wait to get back on the ferry to get back to Seattle.

Posted 2/19/2011

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