A couple weeks ago we took the boat out to watch our neighbor Skip run in the Tugboat Races going on near downtown Seattle. Arminda, Rosie, Heather and her daughter Maya came to join us.

It was a quiet day, very little wind, but no rain and quite a bit of actual sun, which is unusual for Seattle this time of year.

Maya really liked being out in the bowsprit, and who can blame her? I spend quite a bit of time out there myself.

There were lots of sweet looking tugboats around - not suprisingly. Skip, our neighbor on our dock, is the Owner and Captain of Galene - a 1943 Miki Class tug. She is about 98' long, I think, so she was in the second heat - they let the smaller boats go first.

Finally it was time for the main event! These boats are impressive when the get up to speed - big bow waves and big wakes when the go by.

It was a close race, but Skip managed to hold on, and Galene ended the race victorious!

After the race, we put up the sails and drifted around for a while, but there wasn't much wind, so eventually we decided to call it a day and head back home.

Thanks for looking!


Posted 05/26/2013

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