Last weekend, Heather and I decided to go exploring in the mountains. Gary had given me a pair of snowshoes when we moved out here, and we got a good deal on a used pair for Heather, so we headed up into the Cascades to look for some snowshoeing. After driving up to Snoqualmie Pass, where we found the car covered in snow, as well as crazy masses of people, we headed back down the road a bit, looking for a less crazy place. We ended up finding the trail up to Talapus Lake.

A lot of the trail was pretty packed down, and didn't need snowshoes, but up by the lake, the snow got a bit softer, and we put them to good use. Also, on the hike back down, the extra traction they provided was great.

It was a beautiful hike, with lots of snow, as well as sun and fairly warm temperatures, all things considered. There were occasional views out through the woods to the surrounding peaks, including a nice view of Bandera Mountain across the lake.

Thanks for taking time to look, and I hope you found at least one picture you enjoyed.


Posted 1/24/2008

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