A couple weekends ago we signed up for a snowshoeing and photography trip down to Mount Rainier with the Mountaineers. The weather forecast for the day was pretty bleak, cloudy with afternoon snow, but we decided to go out anyway, figuring it would be nice to at least get out and stomp around in the snow a little. We woke up in the parking lot, after a night in the back of the truck, to a view of the mountain disappearing into the clouds. After breakfast we met up with the group and headed out. The snow was really packed, but it was nice to have the snowshoes for traction.

As we snowshoed up toward Reflection Lake, the clouds started to lift a bit and we had some nice view out. At Reflection Lake we stopped and had lunch. As the lake was covered in snow and the mountain was covered by clouds, there wasn't any reflecting. There were some Gray Jays, also known as Camp Robbers that came over and helped us enjoy our lunch.

On the way back, the sun came out a little, the clouds lifted a bit, and we got a few glimpses of the summit. There was no snow after all, and it was a beautiful fun day.

The next day we went to the Seattle Boat Show, which was down at the south end of our lake, and looked at sailboats. Didn't take too many photos, but did fall in love with a boat, or at least a boat company - Waterline Yachts. They make the sweetest boats. The picture on the right is Heather on the deck of a 50' Waterline named Mettle. She's beautiful!

As always, thanks for taking the time to look.


Posted on 02-02-2009

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