These are a few shots from a day out sailing last weekend. We went out with Rich from The Mountaineers on his 36' Catalina named Avalon, as well as Diana and Joe who are or were members of the Mountaineers. Our plan was to sail from Seattle over to Eagle Harbor and meet up with another boat and have lunch and a beer or two at a tavern, then sail home.

There wasn't a lot of wind, so we motored more than we sailed, and the boat we were meeting failed to read a chart and ended up grounding on a sandbar and had to wait for the tide to finish going out then come up enough to lift them up. They didn't make it to lunch, but they did eventually get unstuck and back safely to Seattle.

It was nice to be out on the water and get a little sun, even if things didn't go exactly to plan. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Posted on 04-2-2009

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