Jim and Heather's WeddingSeptember, 2000

This page has pictures from before the wedding. For the official ceremony stuff check our 'during' page. And the rest of the fun stuff from the week spent in Maine climbing and lounging by the ocean with our good friends are all in the 'after' page.

The wedding was in Bar Harbor so we took advantage of our proximity to the ocean to get everyone out on the water for an evening. The Natalie Todd is an old, 100', three masted schooner that was available for a sunset cruise. Jim and I headed down to the pier with the whole crowd from Chicago. We left from my Dad's house and I took the easy way down. . .


<-- The Groom and the Best Man (Gary Leonard) carry me off.

This is the Gazebo where we had planned on having the wedding. Unfortunately, the motorcyclists wouldn't let us.

Well, that and the fact that it rained all the night before so everything was soaked.

Instead of having a Rehersal Dinner we invited everyone to go out on a Sunste Cruise around Bar Harbor on the Margaret Todd
Tony, Sarah and Melissa aboard the Margaret Todd.
Raising the sails by hand on a boat as large as the Margaret Todd takes a lot of muscle. Here is a shot of Theresa Karpel hauling canvas.
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