Rocky Mountian National Park
The next few days looked pretty bad weather-wise, so much for climbing at Lumpy Ridge, which had been our plan. It was too cold, with too much chance of snow and rain. So we decided to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park instead. As expected, it was cold and snowy off and on, but we did some hiking and drove over the ridge road, which was lots of fun. We camped one night in the Longs' Peak campground, which was beautiful, and dreamed about someday being good enough to climb the Diamond, which is the big North-East facing cliff at the top of the peak.
The hike we did is the Emerald Lake Trail, which leads out of the Bear Lake parking lot, and heads up several miles, and several hundred feet of elavation, past Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and ends at Emerald Lake. It was nice and sunny and no too cold when we started, but it was snowing pretty hard by the time we left Emerald lake for the return trip.

Above: Pictures from Nymph lake

Below: Pictures from Dream Lake - Notice the storm starting to blow in.

A couple pictures at Emerald Lake, just before the snow.
This picture is from Bear Lake, which is right off the parking lot. The snow had stopped, for the time being.
We spent the night camping under Longs Peak, then got up and explored the park by truck. We got out occasionally to explore, but didn't hike terribly much due to tiredness from the days before, and the cold. We got to drive across the Ridge Road, which was open in May for the first time in many years due to the little amount of snow they recieved all winter.
The Diamond

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