In a continuing effort to go through pictures from this summer that I never got around to, I came across these, from a quick trip out to California. We went out for Heathers' interview at Cal. Tech.

While she was interviewing, I drove out to the beach in Malibu, where I watched some surfers, and saw tons of cool birds that we don't get in the midwest.


A bit farther up the coast, I found a beach with lots of wind surfers and kite boarders. That kite boarding looks like tons of fun!

The next day Heather and I went to the Getty Museum. This is up on a hill overlooking the city. There is lots of cool architecture, lots of neat gardens, and much art on display. We didn't look at too much of the art, but it is a beautiful place to walk around.

A lot of the building are made of a really neat stone that has lots of cool fossils in it.

Posted on 01-27-2006


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